I continue to get asked why nine out of ten Councillors opposed weekend foreshore markets at Neilson Park when the opportunity was put to them in March 2013 (one Councillor was absent).

The easiest thing for me to do is to refer them to my website article at the time which can be read here as it pretty well covers all of the facts surrounding the issue.

I can however advise that a few candidates from other Divisions have approached me and demonstrated some forward thinking by offering to support me when I re-introduced the proposal to the new Council should I succeed at the polls.

I was also encouraged by Jack Dempsey’s strong support during a recent tour of Division 5 which he had requested to familiarise himself with some of the most topical issues for our community.  When we inspected the site for potential markets at Neilson’s and the proposed Turtle Pool project in front of the playground, he described them as “no-brainers.”

Naturally, a proponent or organisation would have to come forward and offer to run the markets but there has certainly been considerable interest in the past. There would also be a need to revise the Land Use Management Plan for the area however to answer the subject question……

Yes, I think there’s a strong possibility of getting a foreshore market up and running.


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