Whale Sightings Off Bargara Coast

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Whilst seeing the Humback Whales from the Bargara foreshore on their way north to mate & birth in the southern regions of the Great Barrier Marine Park is awesome, there is little that can beat the thrill of seeing a mother Humback teaching her calve new tricks and they take a rest off the Bundaberg coastline on their way south to the Antarctic.

Turtle Cove this morning, 9/9/18.Such a close encounter. No calf but my guess is that there will be one soon.

Posted by Jimmy Scaboo on Saturday, 8 September 2018


Once hunted to the brink of extinction, humpback whales now number about 80,000. As their number increase every year, so too does their confidence in coming into closer proximity with humans.

This has been highly evident by the fact that each winter and spring more and more adults and newborn calves are venturing closer to the shoreline between Moore Park Beach & Woodgate through the Woongarra Zone of the Great Sandy Marine Park. 

Amazing display this morning. Mother showing calf how it's done! Off Woongarra Scenic Drive Bargara and they then went south to Turtle Cove and Barolin Rocks.Two pods were together at first.

Posted by Jimmy Scaboo on Thursday, 13 September 2018


This year (2018) numerous whales were seen within 100 metres of the coastline giving avid photographers a real treat. Through Mark Murphy’s ‘Bundaberg Coast Whale and Marine Life Spotters’  Facebook Site, local volunteer whale watchers scan our waters so they can alert local & visiting families  when these slow moving creatures venture close to shore.

Many flock to the best vantage points to experience this natural wonder and of course their photos and videos are uploaded to social media straight away so that the images can be viewed across the globe. Imagine a selfie with a whale!

Fantastic close encounter at Turtle Cove today.Mark Murphy (on the rocks) of Bundaberg Coast Whale and Marine Life Spotters must have some great shots to come! Join the group to learn of the latest sightings.A very busy morning with so many pods spotted and filmed.

Posted by Jimmy Scaboo on Saturday, 8 September 2018


If you would prefer a more reliable opportunity to view these magnificent creatures, please visit the Lady Musgrave Experience Whale Watching website to check out their tour itinerary.

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