Alliance airlines has announced that it will step in to fill an upcoming vacancy in the Bundaberg to Brisbane routes when Virgin ceases its turbo prop services in regional Queensland.

When Virgin recently announced that it was withdrawing its ATR services, it immediately caused some considerable concern as the Council is the owner of the airport and responsidle for all negotiaions and contracts with individual airlines. Due to their commercial nature, these negotiations are often subject to confidentiality and the reality is that their decisions will always be based on commercial factors.

As iIt was obvious that Virgin would not be reversing its decision, Council’s focus was on Alliance as that airline has historically worked with Virgin to provide replacement services for some routes.

I’m confident that the recent 6% annual increase in passenger numbers (10,000) through the airport has played a major factor in attracting Alliance and as portfolio spokesperson, I’d like to thank the Mayor and the staff attached to the Economic Development and Airport teams for all their efforts which has resulted in this success.

The next step will be for Council to negotiate with Alliance to determine the extent of their proposed services and to also lobby for addition routes to Sydney & Melbourne which certainly appears to be supported by recent surveys of the business and wider comminties.

Council will issues media releases to keep the community informed of any developments as the occur.

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