Since starting the Saturday morning Community Consultation Desk at Bargara Central some 4 years ago I’ve witnessed a remarkable change in the feedback received from the community and our visitors.
The township has never looked better and I attribute much of the feedback to the current term of Council and a quantum shift in attitudes.
Significant improvements to three coastal parks (Christsen, Crawford & Mary Kinross) have taken centre-stage over the past twelve months together with the completion of the footpath network in the northern section of the township and the formalisation of the two off-leash dog areas..
Frankly, I’ve never seen the area looking better and with the proposed completion if the Hughes Road Extension within the 2018/19 financial year, I’m confident that the raising of the floodway near Wessels Road will follow soon after. This will provide a direct coastal route between Elliott Heads & Burnett Heads and will remove a considerable volume of traffic off Miller Street, Woongarra Scenic Drive and the various Esplanades. The economic stimulus that this will provide is obvious.
Many of these projects are achieved through strategic applications for State & Federal funding for which I’m extremely grateful. These are nearly always tied to strict criteria and the wealth of knowledge spread throughout the Council organisation means that our applications are well presented and strongly supported by relevant detail. Occasionally, the public don’t understand some of the steps undertaken however I can assure you that our processes are well respected at all levels of government.
There will always be people who want more and we’ll certainly do our utmost to please as many as possible but it’s encouraging to see such a marked increase in positive feedback. My Consultation Desk will continue to operate as usual so please don’t hesitate to bring any concern or idea to my attention as it’s often the little things that we miss. Preferably contact me or another Councillor directly in the first instance as requests posted in the public forum often attract unwarranted controversy.
One of the suggestions that have recently been made is for a revamp of the Nielson Park area with improved playground facilities, shelter sheds, BBQs, amenities and perhaps some infrastructure to cater for the occasional public event. I agree that the area is looking a little tired and that some TLC could make it far more attractive for families soI’ll be making representations to see what can be achieved. As usual, any proposals put forward will be subject to public consultation.
Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the Council staff who service the area including the Parks & Gardens crew who take great pride in maintaining our high-profile foreshore areas and make it such an attractive destination for visitors. Also, a big ‘thank you’ to those who respond so quickly and efficiently to help the community after serious weather events. 
I nearly forgot….. thanks also to our avid photographers who record and share the beauty of our region through their voluntary contributions which I’m sure go a long way to promoting the area.
Here’s looking forward to an even better 2018 in The Lifestyle Capital. Keep safe, welcome our visitors and treasure what we have right on our doorstep.
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