Greg’s Portfolio

Each Councillor has been assigned a Portfolio which extends beyond his/her Divisional responsibilities and spreads across the entire region.

My current portfolios are listed below:

Deputy Chair – Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG)

A LDMG is established under s29 of the Disaster Management Act 2003, in place to support Local Government in the delivery of disaster management services and responsibilities in Preventing, Preparing for, Responding to, and Recovering from, Disaster events. 

My role as the Deputy Chair is to support the Mayor in his role as the Chair.

LDMG’s include representatives of all Emergency Services, Utility Providers, Community Aid Associations, Education Department and basically any group whose expertise can be drawn on from across the community during or following a disaster.


Airport Operations

All matters associated with the operation of the Bundaberg Airport including passenger facilities, concessions, commercial precinct, hanger leases, airline scheduling, etc.

Tourism Operations

All matters associated with Council’s Holiday Parks & tourism facilities such as the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.


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