A break down of rates and charges paid by ratepayers across 15 of Queensland’s major regional councils shows Bundaberg Regional Council is “mid range”, placing seventh out of the 15 councils assessed.

Bundaberg Regional Council Mayor, Cr Mal Forman said the comparison table dispelled any perception that ratepayers in the Bundaberg Region were among the hardest hit in the state.

The table was based on a calculation of Minimum General Rate, sewerage, waste collection, water access and other individual charges.

“Brisbane with its high density population and compact area naturally rated the lowest with a total annual rates and charges bill of $1622,” Cr Forman said.

“What is interesting is that the second lowest rated Council is Ipswich with an annual figure of $2084 which is only $167 cheaper than Bundaberg with $2251.”

Cr Forman said Bundaberg had a significant rates and charges advantage over its neighbours Fraser Coast (15th with $2922) and Gladstone (9th with $2346).

“In fact, Bundaberg has the lowest rates structure of any of the larger Councils in the Central Queensland area.

“A good example of size and rates base is apparent when you compare Sunshine Coast and the Bundaberg Region.”

“Sunshine Coast has 152,332 rateable properties contained within an area of 2883 square kilometres while Bundaberg Regional Council services an area of 6451 square kilometres with rates based on 44,300 rateable properties.”

Cr Forman said he believed the ratepayers across the Bundaberg Region were obtaining value for their rate dollar.

“Quite obviously the need is there for population growth within our region to add to our rates base to assist in minimising future rates increases. More ratepayers results in more revenue which in turn increases Council’s ability to deliver more services.”

Cr Forman said Council rates for the first half of the current financial year are due to be distributed in early August.

“As always, if any ratepayer experiences difficulty in meeting their rates commitment our Council rates team is always willing to assist in discussing payment options.”


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