The deployment of some 250 ADF personnel & equipment from 7 different regiments has proven to be an invalueble asset in the clean-up of our region following the recent tornados & floods.

Today, Council met with members of the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment which will join others when they leave our region tomorrow morning – see related article here. During the discussions, they indicated that they were keen to send a detachment to participate in the upcoming local ANZAC Day parades which, in my opinion, would be most appropriate and welcomed.

I’ve asked Council to send an invitation to the other regiments which have helped us out over the past fortnight in the same vein and I’m hopeful that this will provide us with another opportunity to recognise their contribution in our time of need together with their overall service to the nation.

On a separate note, during her visit to Bargara last week, I asked the Prime Minister if there was a possibility of securing a Blackhawk helicopter to join the fly-pasts of regional ANZAC Day Services and followed this up withg a formal request through Paul Neville’s office.

Unfortunately, the helicopter fleet is committed to training and maintenance programs and will be unable to make it. 

I am however pleased to confirm the charter of the P51D Mustang which has been unable to attend over the past couple of years due to maintenance issues.

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