Does anyone know of someone who, as a result of a tornado or flooding event, needs assistance? I’m having considerable difficulty in finding out which relief agencies or centres are in need of help whilst at the same time I’m receiving ongoing calls from those who wish to donate their time/skills.

From what I understand, most of the Evacuation Centres are adequately manned and resourced. The Mud Army operated over the weekend but won’t be deplyed during the week(days).

Council is however encouraging individuals to volunteer their services to help affected residents to clean-up and return to their homes and particularly so in the North Bundaberg area. In doing so, Council urges helpers for familiarise themselves with saftey precautions as outlined in previously posted articles such as this:

Cleaning up these properties can be physically and emotionally demanding and I would encourage those with restricted fitness and limited emotional capacity to consider what other role they can play.

If you know of a particular business owner or resident who is having trouble getting assistance to:

  • clean a property,
  • mind children,
  • cook meals,
  • launder clothing/linen,
  • run errands,
  • do the shopping,
  • fill out a flood relief claim form,
  • any other basic task

please let me know as there are hundreds of people with varying degrees of capability who are looking to help.

I’ll be all over the place during this week but if you know of someone with a particular need that you think I may be able to help with, please let me know and I’ll drop around to see them.

I predict that we’re going to experience some major pshycholgical challenges over the immediate and extended future which will require professional counselling. If you know of any individual or family suffering from severe anxiety or trauma, please let me know and I’ll try to organise the most appropriate aide. Please also encourage these victims to seek this help as many of them won’t because they’re too proud or don’t ‘want to be a nuisance’.

I’ll be available on my mobile on 0488 539 123

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