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Please Gazette A Timed Off-Leash Dog Area At Rifle Range Beach, Bargara

Principle Petitioner  –  Ms Christine Rodwell
Petition Period         –  21 days
Petition Opened       –  18th November 2012.
Petition Closed         –  5.00pm, 9th December 2012.
Petition Status          –  Closed
Total Responses      –  235

Where to from here?  I will seek leave to table the petition at the next Ordinary Meeting of Council scheduled for Tuesday 11th December 2012. 

If the petition is accepted, the proposal will likely become the subject of a report from relevant officers and on its receipt Councillors will determine whether or not to proceed to the next stage of full community consultation/survey where supporters and opposers to the proposal would be able to make submissions.

Following the consultation process and in the event that the Council determines to approve the proposal, the process of amending the relevant Local Law(s) would need to be undertaken which includes reference to the State Government agency(ies).

If Council decides not to proceed with the request, it will do so by way of a formal resolution at a future Ordinary Meeting.

Petitioners should be aware that if Council determines to approve their request, the process would be likely to take many months before Rifle Range Beach could be gazetted as an off-leash area and in the interim period the current local law(s) remain in force.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or for more information on 0488 539 123 or at

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