After months of speculation I can now advise that Council has received a request from the Stockwell Development Group to Change an Existing Approval over the Bargara Central Shopping Centre which was granted on 24th August 2005.

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In basic terms, the request seeks to expand Woolworths westwards across the vacant area fronting Whalley Street and into a section of the former IGA building to create a new entrance into the supermarket from the area where the Bargara Bakery and Boss Seafood & Sushi are currently located. I understand that these businesses will relocate into re-furbished premises within the IGA building close to the new Woolworths entrance.


As outlined in the report, the request specifically seeks approval for:

Demolition of two existing specialty tenancies, the amenities area and façade of the mini-major supermarket to improve access to the existing Woolworths supermarket; and

Expanding the major supermarket tenancy (Woolworths) by 1,000 square metres through in-fill development that occupies the vacant area that presently exists between the two supermarket uses; and

Change the configurations of the former IGA supermarket tenancies to include three (3) specialty shops to replace the ones that are removed to allow for the new access to the Woolworths supermarket.


The application does not identify what the balance of the former IGA building might be used for but I do note that the skinny kiosk style shop against the front wall of the IGA site is being replaced by what appears to be a more ‘usable’ shop.

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