Meet & Greet at The Bakery

Commencing this weekend, I’ll be enjoying a cup or two of coffee at the Bargara Bakery at the Bargara Central Shopping Centre  between Woolies and Aldi every Saturday morning (where possible). Anyone wishing to catch up for a Meet & Greet is welcome to do so and I’ll be there at:

9.00am to 12.00pm on Saturday 15th December 2018 

A full range of JP  Services will also be available but please bring photo identification if you require the witnessing of any documents.


Your Feedback Counts

Since 2008 this site, together with a number of Facebook pages, have proven to be a great way for me to keep in touch with many residents across our  region. They enable me to receive timely feedback from members of the community which in turn helps to resolve issues quickly.

These have also given me the opportunity to express a personal point of view on a range of issues which may, or may not, be in line with the official Council position.

Just Get On With It

It’s no secret that I often get frustrated by ongoing delays and the wasted expenses that result from ridiculous and unnecessary levels of red tape. 

They inhibit effective decision-making, demoralise proactive members of the community, drain limited resources and present one of the most significant hurdles for regional progress. All too often I hear of one initiative after another having to face trial by bureaucracy which often results in the proponents walking away from their project. 

If anyone believes they are experiencing an unreasonable degree of regulation or paperwork through any Council process then I’d like to hear about it.

Easy Contacts

In this era of automated replies and impersonal messages I’ve deliberately tried to make my direct contact details as prominent as possible. My phone is switched on 24/7 unless I’m in a meeting, on an aircraft or out of range.

I frequently check my voicemail, emails, SMS’s and Facebook page and if I can’t answer you straight away, I’ll definitely get back to you as soon as possible.

Please click on any of these links to contact me.



This website is wholly funded, maintained & updated by myself. No Council resources have been utilised nor ratepayer funds expended, in its construction, hosting or maintenance.

The contents and comments expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the policies or procedures of the Bundaberg Regional Council or the opinions of other Councillors.

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